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      Dollar Bay man dies after fall into mine shaft

      Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of: Roland Burgan, Hancock

      A Dollar Bay man was killed Saturday afternoon after falling several hundred feet down into the Quincy Mine Hoist No. 2 Shaft.

      The Houghton County Sheriff's Office says 60-year-old William Gregg, a volunteer worker and MTU Professor of Geology, was attempting to install emergency steel ladders when he slipped and fell into the shaft located on Quincy Hill in Quincy Township.

      Gregg fell approximately 225 feet before coming into contact with an object that stopped him and held his position.

      According to officials, the total depth of the mine shaft is 9,000 feet.

      Emergency personnel attempted to make contact with Gregg from a mine entrance in the City of Hancock off of Mason Street with negative results. Members of the Calumet Township Fire and Rescue Department were able to rappel down into the shaft from the top of the hoist.

      Gregg was pronounced dead at the scene.

      The incident remains under investigation.