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      Dome tournament saved by one person

      The 12th Annual Superior Dome Softball Tournament has wrapped up in Marquette. The tournament was almost canceled this year, but it was held successfully thanks to the dedication of one woman. For 11 years, more than 250 softball players have traveled to Marquette in February to compete in a sport not normally seen in winter, but when the 12th year approached, it was nearly canceled.The Marquette Jaycees normally organize the tournament, but this year there was a lack of manpower. When 22 year old Northern Michigan University graduate Candace Sequin heard the news, she stepped up. "It would've been such a traumatic event if it would have been canceled," says Sequin, the 2012 Tournament Director. The annual softball tournament is a huge fundraiser for the Special Olympics Area 36 in the U.P. and the highlight of the winter for these athletes. After speaking with the director of Area 36, Sequin had the support she needed.Candace took over in December when planning would normally begin in August. Her hard work and over a short time frame has not gone unnoticed. "If it wasn't for Candace, it wouldn't be. It just wouldn't be," says Sean O-Donnell, member of Special Olympics Area 36. "The appreciation goes, on a scale of 10, it goes about 120."In two short months, she organized a three day tournament involving 22 teams from all over Wisconsin and Michigan. "It's a big commitment," says Sequin. "We have to get umpires that are certified to come in and officiate, volunteers to score keep, the Special Olympics are running a concession stand." The tournament raised 5000 dollars for the Special Olympics. A list of the winners can be seen below. Sequin hopes to plan the event next year as well. "Hopefully," says Sequin. "As long as it works with my schedule. As long as I can make it happen I'd love to make it run again." 1st Place: Wilderness Whitetails 2nd Place: MCR/Hitmen3rd Place: Borski's