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      Dompierre family makes full court press and scores

      Dean Dompierre and his son Eric testify in Lansing

      Family and supporters of Eric Dompierre spoke in Lansing on Wednesday, and it sounds like their voices were heard.

      The Dompierres spoke to the Senate Education Committee and many other Lansing politicians regarding Senate Resolution 145, which was submitted by Senator Tom Casperson. Eric and his father, along with other supporters, testified in front of the committee for over an hour. After testimony was given, the members of the committee voted, resulting in a 4-0 passing of the resolution.

      The bill calls for the Michigan High School Athletic Association to adopt a policy that allows an age-eligibility waiver in certain, limited cases. Students can't participate in athletics if they are 19 or older on September 1. Eric is not being allowed to play basketball his senior year because he is in violation of the current regulations.

      What happens now with this issue? The resolution will now go to the Senate floor on Thursday for a vote. If the Senate passes the resolution, it will be sent to the MHSAA for action.

      Senator Tom Casperson's office says he will look at legislative action if there is nothing done by the association. Legislation mimicking the Ohio regulations would be drafted within 10 days, according to Casperson's representative.

      A similar resolution was introduced to the Michigan House of Representatives.