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      Dompierre might play, MHSAA decides on proposal

      The Michigan High School Athletic Association has concluded its spring meeting as of Monday, and with the conclusion comes a proposal that could allow Eric Dompierre to play.

      Ballots have been mailed to MHSAA schools. This ballot has a proposal on it that would change the organization's Constitution to allow for a waiver of its maximum age limitation under strict circumstances.

      Currently the MHSAA will not allow students, like Eric Dompierre, to play if they are 19 or older as of September 1. The organization is requesting that the ballots be signed by principals and superintendants and returned within two weeks.

      How is the Dompierre family reacting to the news? They are remaining cautiously optimistic.

      "After two years of getting my hopes up and having them dashed, then getting my hopes up again, we're very guardedly optimistic that this is going to be a practical proposal," said Eric's father, Dean Dompierre.

      "The Representative Council does not advance proposals, it does not want the membership to support, and an affirmative vote by schools is being specifically requested on this proposal," said MHSAA Executive Director John Roberts.

      There are nearly 1,600 private and public schools within the MHSAA.