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      Donating to help pets for holidays

      Many people try to give a little more to others during the holiday season, but don't forget that there are pets out there in need as well this coming Christmas.

      Pet Place and the Escanaba Veterinary Clinic are holding a pet pantry to help the animals. From now until December 16, anyone can drop off monetary donations and dog and cat supplies at the two locations. The animals need things like cat litter, food, toys, and beds.

      It's a way to extend a little holiday cheer to the pets who mean so much to their owners.

      "Oh, pets are very important in everybody's life. They bring a lot of joy, especially around the holidays; if maybe someone's lost a loved one but they have a dog or cat, they can get a lot of comfort from that animal. So we like to try to include them in the holiday celebrations as well," said Holly Thomma, one of the project organizers.

      The collected items and money go to the Salvation Army and will be distributed with the holiday baskets in December.