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      Double duty for one U.P. school superintendent

      The Gladstone and Rapid River School Districts will be sharing a superintendent. The decision was made Monday night at a meeting where the two school boards voted to enter into a cooperative agreement. Gladstone Superintendent, Dr. Jay Kulbertis, will now also serve as the superintendent for Rapid River. The part-time Rapid River School superintendent retired. Kulbertis says his days will be busier, but a lot of the things you can do for one district, you can do at the same time for two.

      "As we move forward, it'll be a work in progress geared towards whatever the needs are in that particular district. I'm excited at the opportunity. There are really good, positive community members that really support their schools, so it'll be a pleasure to work with them," said Kulbertis.

      Kulbertis added that the two districts have a long history of cooperation.