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      Downstate nun speaks in Marquette

      The Marquette Catholic Diocese had a visit from Mother Assumpta, the head of a growing order of nuns from downstate.

      Mother Assumpta is with the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. They're based in Ann Arbor.

      Her new order has been growing despite a decline in those entering religious life.

      Friday, she addressed local religious leaders about the declining enrollment in Catholic schools. She hopes those in attendance can take away tips for leading a religious life.

      "The most important thing anyone can do is certainly try to live a good, holy life, one that's honorable, that's honest, that's truthful, that's true, the way that God wants us to live our life, and that is what really will bring happiness to a person," said Assumpta.

      Bishop Alexander Sample of the Marquette Catholic Diocese has been hoping to see a return to more traditional Catholic practices in the area.