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      Downtown Development Authority finalizes Baraga Avenue plans

      The Marquette Downtown Development Authority viewed final design plans for the Baraga Avenue project on Thursday.

      The plans are the work of collaboration between the DDA, the Michigan Municipal League and the Michigan State University Urban and Regional Planning Program. The DDA received a grant for the redesign project. Areas of concern include making the road more pedestrian friendly, traffic calming measures and tying Baraga Avenue in better with the rest of the downtown district.

      "I think what the consultants have come up with is workable, it's doable," says Mona Lang of the DDA. "Obviously it's futuristic so with the private investment we're probably talking years and years, but some of the public, certainly some of the tactical things we can approach fairly quickly.??

      The plans for Baraga Avenue will soon go before the city planning commission and Marquette City Commission.