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      Downtown Gladstone hosts Crazy Daze Car Show

      The Crazy Daze Car Show happened earlier today in Downtown Gladstone.

      Hundreds of people flocked to Delta Avenue in Downtown Gladstone to check out cars from all different eras. Local businesses had in store specials as well as street vendors selling antiques and other items. Awards were also given to different car classes based on the year they were made.

      ??I??ve always liked cars, even when I was a kid?? said Mike Frossard, First Place winner of the K Class. ??When I was younger I used to have a 1979 Camaro when I was in high school. I??ve always dug cars. Some guys like other stuff, I like cars.??

      Frossard won first place in the K Class with his 2000 Camaro Z28 and competed against other cars made in the year 2000 to the present. He plans to go to Kenosha, Wisconsin next Saturday to compete in another competition.