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      Downtown Houghton reconstruction featured in Lake Superior Magazine

      The 2009 reconstruction project of downtown Houghton is highlighted in Lake Superior Magazine this month for the city's work in making a daunting task fruitful in the process and years after.

      The $4.6 million reconstruction took about two years to complete and included brick streets, new sidewalks and lighting, and all new sewer and water systems. The project has been nationally recognized for introducing new methods in the construction process as well as keeping businesses open and thriving.

      City officials say the project is one of the best things to happen to the city.

      "Since then, we've filled up almost all the store fronts, which is great," says city council member Robert Megowen. "The downtown is getting more and more friendly to younger people and for the senior citizens. Downtown is definitely going forward."

      The June/July issue of Lake Superior Magazine can be picked up at newsstands in the region or ordered on their website .