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      Downtown Marquette hosts 13th Annual Blueberry Festival

      Downtown Marquette was flooded with people on Friday for the 13th Annual Blueberry Festival.

      "We come every year, we enjoy itâ?? said Sharon Petrella, a local festival-goer. â??It is just a carnival atmosphere and it reminds me a lot of the old days where they used to have sidewalk sales in Downtown Marquette and it was just a fun time, everybody gets together."

      The streets were taken over by vendors, food stands, live music and of course, blueberries.

      â??It is fun visiting with everybody and we will be here all weekendâ?? said Tim Zelenka, a blueberry farmer who brought his blueberries all the way from Grand Haven.

      The beautiful weather compared to last year brought many more people to the festival.

      "It is more crowded with peopleâ?? said Petrella. â??I think people are getting the message and coming down from different places and I think even though I am from Marquette originally I do not know a lot of these people so I am assuming we have a big influx of tourists and people from surrounding areas coming down for this now that they have heard about it."

      Local vendors sold all sorts of items from homemade scarves, art and jewelry among other products.

      â??It is pretty nice, a lot of people are enjoying the day, seeing if they can find anything they likeâ?? said Samara Berger, a young vendor selling handmade scarves as part of an entrepreneur project.

      The Blueberry Festival is a family-friendly event that keeps the community going strong year after year.

      â??It is a wonderful thing for the community because it pulls everyone togetherâ?? said Janice Simpson, a festival-goer. â??Everybody loves to see their friends and all of these vendors, it is great.â??

      The festival attracts people to Downtown Marquette from all over the Upper Peninsula.