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      Downtown Marquette voted "Best Shopping Experience 2014"

      Downtown Marquette has been named "The Best Shopping Experience For 2014" in Lake Superior Magazine's Best of the Lake Awards.

      Downtown will be featured in the magazine's August/September 2014 issue.

      Last year, the magazine held a survey so web visitors could vote for their favorite places, food, and activities from all around Lake Superior.

      This issue will highlight the winner of eleven different categories that were open for voting.

      In addition, Marquette was named in seven other awards.

      "There's so many great opportunities for shopping, dining, and recreation in downtown, and I think this magazine will definitely reach a lot of tourists and maybe people who aren't familiar with the area. But I think overall, it should just tell the locals and the citizens of the Marquette area that they have some amazing opportunities in their backyard to get out and enjoy," said Samantha Collins, Promotions & Events Coordinator for the Marquette Downtown Development Authority.

      But downtown Marquette isn't the only one to be featured.

      Numerous other U.P. cities, towns, and places to shop, eat, and see are included on the list.

      To view the list in its entirety,click here.