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      Dozens get free food

      The Feeding America Truck was in Iron Mountain giving away free food at the Trinity United Methodist church.

      A number of residents stopped by to take advantage of it.

      Dozens are in line collecting free food. It's the first time the Feeding America Truck comes to the area.

      "Very good help for people who have low income. For people like myself, I'm in need of it. For reasons of having no job at the present time and looking for some disability help and times are really tough," said Kyle Cord, Volunteer.

      Feeding America is a national organization helping provide food for those in need. More than seventy volunteers came out to help sort food.

      It was a community effort in raising funds to get the truck, but one many say was necessary.

      "I know there's a need in the community and I believe god spoke to me. Not directly, I did have a moment , I just realized this is something we can do and we can help the people," said Chris Langer, Volunteer.

      Anyone no matter their level of need could take home a box of food.

      The truck brought two tons of food, enough for at least 200 people.

      "We have USDA chicken, we have yogurt, tomatoes, onions, pop tarts,.Different products like that," said Don Swick, Service rep.

      While the church raised a thousand dollars to pay for they food, they ended up receiving a federal grant.

      Now, they'll be able to get another truck back in the area some time in the fall.

      "It helps them get through their daily life of what they don't have. Everybody that I've seen to come here has felt really good. They've talked with a lot of people," said Mark Shemanski

      Around 300 people benefited from the food truck.