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      Dozens participate in Triathlon

      The rain didn't stop dozens of people from hitting the outdoors.

      A rainy start for dozens who plunged into chilly waters at Hancock Beach.

      Racers toughed out the cold water for a 500 meter swim in the first part of the Yooper Sprint Triathlon.

      "Coldest water I ever swam in today. They told us 53 degrees, so that was very chilling. I struggled with swimming, but once we transitioned to bike that's always a little bit better for me. And, run went well after that too," said Kirk Hager.

      Once they make it back to shore they rush back to the bike station. After a quick change, they hopped on their bikes and start rolling for a 14 mile.

      At the same time close to 20 people are participating in the duathlon. Some are competing in relay teams, but most are on their own.

      "There was a lot of water splashing in my face, dirt, muck and stuff," said Andi Vendlinski.

      After enduring the 20 km bike ride, racers put on there running shoes and bolted out for the final 5k run."Then, the run I was cramping up quite a bit on the first hill and then just kind of flew down the downhill's. Ended up finishing in first," Vendlinski said.

      Participation was the same as last year with a total of 51 people competing, in both races.

      However, racers are competing for a good cause. The Yooper Sprint Triathlon raises funds for the Copper Country Ski Tigers.

      "It'll help for our equipment for waxing. And, it really contributes to the whole organization," said Mitchell Delong.

      The Yooper Sprint is estimated to bring in around a thousand dollars.

      "It's just really great to see community for the team especially because we are not through a school or anything. So, it's great to see how the community gets involved," said Isabel Sharp.

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