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      Dozens walk to stop suicide

      Sometimes all it takes is to hear kind words from another person to keep someone from taking their own life. The second annual P.S. I Love You walk was held by the Gwinn High School Youth Advisory Council Saturday morning. The walk is a reminder that the person you least expect could be thinking about taking his or her life. This makes it important to be kind to everyone you come in contact with.

      "Even the happiest person on their best day could be thinking about wanting to take their own life. So it's a never ending thing and it never goes away. So I think everyone should be cautious and that's kind of what our quote is 'Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,'" said Molly Smith of the Gwinn High School Youth Advisory Council.

      The walk started at Gwinn High School after a student took her own life last year. P.S. I Love You was an initiative picked up by the school from a girl in New York who's father took his own life. Registration was free, but the P.S. I Love You t-shirts cost $10 with the proceeds going towards the Youth Advisory Council.