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      Drama shakes things up at Westwood High School

      Drama students at Westwood High School in Ishpeming got a free, hands-on lesson in Shakespeare from the experts.

      Five actors of the Stratford Shakespeare Company in Ontario led a two-hour lesson for 25 Westwood students. The Shakespeare company has gained notoriety in North America for its production of Shakespearian plays. Despite the inherent challenges of Shakespeare's work, the actors conducted various games and activities to get the students comfortable with the 17th Century work.

      "If you do these exercises, then you're ready for anything Shakespeare might offer you, and it really works," says Westwood Drama Director, B.G. Bradley. "Even if they never see a Shakespeare show, just trying to put into their heads the importance of language, the importance of rhetoric, and the importance of having fun with something that you think is old and stuffy," said Maggie Blake, an actor from the Stratford Shakespeare Company.

      During their first trip to the U.P., the Shakespearian actors also visited Northern Michigan University and Michigan Tech.