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      Dream comes true for Manistique lottery winner

      Chicken farming and ministry work would be a dream come true for this hard working man, turned millionaire.

      Last week, Manistique's Jeff LaBar won $3.3 million in Michigan's Lotto 47.

      It couldn't have come at a better time, as he and his wife Heidi were having a hard time making ends meet. Their home had been in foreclosure despite both of them working multiple jobs while owning and operating a small chicken farm.

      The LaBar's plan on paying off their bills, and then enjoying the rest of their winnings.

      "We've never been on a honeymoon; we've never really had a vacation," said Jeff LaBar. "Maybe even just farm for a living; that was my plan and my prayer in life. To build a farm and do some type of prison ministry."

      In the meantime, Jeff is continuing to work and plans on taking his wife on a trip to Hawaii.