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      Dressing for below zero weather is crucial

      The U.P. hasn't seen below zero temperatures consistently in four years.

      With temperatures reaching into the negatives, having on the right winter layers is crucial. It's a good idea to be heading out all bundled up from head to toe.

      Some people are shopping for better coats.

      "My other one was about five years old. So it's kind of getting warm out and it's a little bit shorter. So I want one of the longer styles to kind of cover my back a little bit more and keep me a little bit warmer," said Kayla Anthony, shopper.

      You want to start with wearing some sort of polyester or Under Armour, which will trap your body heat. It will act as an insulator.The higher the base number, the warmer it will be. Then get another polyester sweater or jacket to layer with.

      When it comes to coats, get something water/wind resistant that has an insulating liner.

      "The warmest is going to be a down fill jacket; that's going to have a higher rate of insulation in that jacket, the warmer it's going to be," said Dennis Mingay.

      For gloves, you will need something that's water/wind resistant with a down fill or fleece lining. Don't forget to cover your head with a wool or fur hat that can also cover ears and chin. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you don't leave any skin exposed.

      The problem is if you're outdoors for too long in these temperatures and your skin is exposed, you run the risk of getting frostbite.

      "Severity is in burns. So they can be very severe; you can lose limbs as a result of this. They can be just minor skin injuries. Also if your body temperature drops, you can develop hypothermia that can lead to death," said David Shahbazi, family physician.