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      Drivers education 101

      Backing up, pulling forward, and parking within the coned areas are just a few requirements when it comes to the driverâ??s examination. But before that can begin, for new drivers, the first segment of driverâ??s education must be completed. "Students go for classroom hours and then document hours with a driving instructor behind the wheel. After they've completed that and they've passed the written test, they're issued a learnerâ??s permit," said Joan Thornton, Third Party Examiner. New drivers are required to drive on a learnerâ??s permit for six months with a parent or guardian. During that time, the driving hours should be documented and then students can take the second part of the class where they talk about the different things that have happened while driving. "After they've completed segment two and as long as they have their six months on their permit and they are close to being 16 years old, they can take their driving test," Thornton said. This is a basic skills course where drivers learn three different parking maneuvers, and once they pass this part of the test, they can then go out with the examiner and take a 30-minute driving test. Mark Kangas is not a first-time driver, but he didn't have his license for many years and recently decided to have it reinstated. "Driving is a lot easier than waiting for cabs and buses and depending on other people to transport around," said Kangas. If the driving part of the test is passed, a certificate is given and the driver is then able to receive their license from the Secretary of State's office. After a quick flash from the camera, it usually takes a week to 10 days to receive the license in the mail.

      We asked people on Facebook if they think adults should be required to take a refresher course on driving.

      "You can have all the knowledge you need to drive, but still doesn't make one a good/safe driver. If you have an infraction, mandatory ROAD TEST! :) IMO" - Sarah Gregg Johnson

      "My husband needs it. Lol." - Anna Johnstone

      "Along with a strict hearing and vision test ..... not just a course, a test, no pass no drive." - Eric Kamecki