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      Driving safely despite lack of snow

      Just because there is little snow on the roads doesn't mean you shouldn't drive cautiously.

      The Houghton County Road Commission said their sand trucks are still on duty. They said the warmer temperatures during the day melt the snow on the roads that will freeze at night, creating patches of black ice.

      Typically this time of year, over half the road commission's budget goes toward sanding the streets. Most of the budget right now is being spent on diesel for trucks.

      The road commission said drivers need to be patient when driving behind these trucks.

      â??When you see our plow trucks out, I mean, they're out there trying to make it safe for the motoring public. Give them space and time,â?? said Kevin Harju, county highway engineer at the Houghton County Road Commission. â??If you see one slowing down, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can pass them. They might be maneuvering to turn down a road or something.â??

      Any money that is not spent for sanding and salting the roads can be used in the summer for road construction. The commission said, however, it is still too early in the winter to make a judgment in summer budget.