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      Dropping off unwanted drugs, no questions asked

      Local police force across the nation hosted free medication drop-offs Saturday, collecting expired prescription drugs.

      At the Marquette City Police Department, dozens of people dropped off any and all kinds of unwanted medication. There was no paperwork and no questions asked. Police dumped it all in bags to be sent to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency where it will be incinerated. They blacked out names on prescription bottles with the help of the Superior Watership P artnership.

      Dropping off the drugs at participating police departments makes sure that drugs stay out of the wrong hands and out of the water system.

      "It's an education piece in a way that, I think, for so long, people just thought that flushing drugs down the toilet was how you get rid of them, and I think that as time goes on, people begin to realize that there's different ways of doing things," said Natasha Koss, the program's manager.

      The department collected 168 pounds of drugs.