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      Drug abuse council holds workshop

      The Substance Abuse and Violence Education Council of Delta County held a drug awareness conference workshop on Friday at the Island Resort and Casino.

      Over 120 people from education, but mostly health backgrounds, attended. Detective-Lieutenant Timothy Scholander of the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team explained the rampant drug use he encountered in his time as a Michigan State Police officer.

      While health officials said they've seen a huge increase in prescription drug abuse, they also say two driving factors of substance abuse are availability and misperception of risk.

      "There's not a type of professional around that isn't exposed to the consequences of drug use and abuse in some way, shape or form," said MGH Director of Clinical Service Shawn Hatch, "if we're all aware and working together to have a serious impact on the overall health of our community."

      Officials hope to bring the conference back at the end of March or beginning of April for the over 100 people who were not able to attend.