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      Drug bust uncovers over 15 pounds of marijuana

      A Keweenaw County resident has been arrested after a drug bust discovered over 15 pounds of marijuana.

      According to the Keweenaw County Sheriff's Department, 63-year-old Thomas Ornelas was taken into custody on Monday after a drug bust in Grant Township uncovered 15 pounds of loose and processed marijuana, 34 plants, and the equipment used in an extensive growing operation.

      The drug raid was a result of a warrant that was executed on the Grant Township home. Information for the warrant came from the National Park Rangers on Isle Royale.

      Ornelas is being charged with one count of delivery and manufacturing a controlled substance, a seven-year felony, one count of maintaining a drug house, a high court misdemeanor with a two-year conviction, and one count of felony firearm possession, a two-year felony.

      Ornelas was arrested and taken to the Keweenaw County Jail. He is out after posting ten percent of a $10,000 bond Wednesday evening. He will be back in district court for a preliminary hearing on August 29.