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      Drug possession suspect wants personal property returned

      The owner of Backroom Multi Entertainment in Houghton, Michael Jestila, was in Houghton County Circuit Court for a pretrial Wednesday related to drug charges. Jestila faces two counts of felony drug possession.

      Police say they found banned substances in his store. He pled not guilty to those charges last month. Jestila also owned Backroom Obsessions in Marquette. That case was resolved when the store was shut down, but his attorney said Jestila's personal property was confiscated. The attorney, Tim Quinnell, said a motion was filed in Marquette for those items to be returned and the same motion will be filed in Houghton.

      "A similar issue is going to rise here, your honor, because the Houghton police are in possession of numerous items of personal property that we believe ought to be returned immediately. We will be making a formal request to the prosecutor's office here in Houghton for those returns," said Quinnell.

      Some of those items include a computer and security cameras from Jestila's Houghton business. Jestila is scheduled for another pretrial in August.