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      Drug-related arrests made in Escanaba

      Stanley Hister

      Detectives from the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team announced the arrest of four people on drug-related charges in Escanaba.

      According to UPSET, Stanley Hister of Kalamazoo was arrested on Tuesday morning for possessing over an ounce of cocaine.

      Three people were arrested on June 25, according to UPSET. An investigation resulted in the arrest of Daniel Burch and Haily Hatting of Escanaba. They are charged with felony delivery of suboxone.

      "Suboxone is a powerful prescription drug that is used to deter drug addicts from using harder drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine, and bath salts. Patients also abuse this drug by injecting it or selling their prescribed medication," said Detective Lt. Tim Sholander.

      UPSET says that Brock Lippens of Escanaba was also arrested on June 25. He was taken into custody on charges of felony delivery of morphine and Ritalin.