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      Drugged drivers on the rise

      Over the last couple of decades officers have cracked down on drunk driving. Now they're facing another growing trend this time it's drugged driving. It's called Operating While under the influence of Drugs.

      It's an issue rarely heard of up until five years ago, but has become prevalent across Marquette county.

      A growing number people are getting arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs mainly prescription drugs.

      "For the last 3-5 years it really kind of got on to our radar, before that it was pretty unheard of, its be a rare case where we would have someone driving under the influence of a controlled substance," said Matt Wiese, Marquette county prosecutor.

      According to Prosecuting attorney Matt Wiese, the number of arrests continues to rise yearly.

      In the last six months there's been 150 cases of people driving while intoxicated

      Of those 15 were abusing prescription drugs.

      "They may have started out with something like Marijuana or alcohol, and ultimately it's an abuse of prescription drugs. Usually they're obtained illegally either by doctor seeking or by people who will get prescription or sell their pills," Wiese said.

      Sergeant Kevin Dowling with the Michigan State Police says because driving under the influence of prescription drugs is becoming more common, they're also concerned of an increase in abuse of medical marijuana while driving.

      So, some troopers are specifically trained to use physical indicators to identify if a driver is on drugs.

      "A drug recognition expert is looking for a particular behavioral patterns. Speech, eyes, they look at your tongue your mouth. What kind of demeanor you have," said Sgt. Kevin Dowling, Michigan State Police.