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      Drumline marches to its own beat

      The Percussive Attack Band Camp is marching to a different beat for the first time in three years.

      They've thrown out your regular drumline and replaced it with junkyard objects like plastic bins and garbage cans. That's because their next performance will take place at Lakenenland in Chocolay Township.

      "When you go into Lakenenland, it says 'Junkyard Art,' so that's kind of the theme that we've got for this year is making sound and making music out of objects that aren't normally considered instruments," said Carrie Biolo, the artistic director.

      Returning high school band member Sarah Lorenz says it helps the group think outside of the box.

      "It's not like a set sound; you can find different ways to play it," said Lorenz.

      Biolo says she puts them all through a vigorous exercise every day.

      "Music makes people work together in a group, expand their relationships with each other," Biolo said.

      The students say it's all part of becoming a better percussionist and learning how to work well as a team.

      For some, like 12-year-old Connor Gentz, it's more than just learning to sync with others. It's keeping the drumline alive.

      "I'd explain percussion as the base of a band because it keeps the beat, and without the percussionist, there just wouldn't be any band," said Gentz.

      The Percussive Attack Ensemble will perform Friday, Aug. 3, 12 p.m. at Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette and Lakenenland Sculpture Park in Chocolay Township on M-28 at 7 p.m., Aug. 3. For more information, click here.