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      Dual enrollment gives students a head start

      With the student loan debt recently passing the one trillion dollar mark, some students are exploring other options for funding their own schooling futures.

      Students at Kingsford High School are taking a serious look at their futures when it comes to schooling. With the looming thought of school debt in their futures, some may be looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.

      That light came to Kingsford High School in the form of the Dual Enrollment program, which allows students to take college courses during their time in high school.

      Nancy Jayne, the high school guidance counselor, has the pleasure of helping students through this program.

      "Most of our students who are dual enrolling,â?? explains Jayne, dual enroll at â??Bay College, which is their comfort zone. There's a nice transfer network that they can work with, within the state of Michigan, so that's really the best way that they're going right now."

      Senior Emma Williams plans to go to chiropractic school and recognizes the importance of starting early.

      â??Iâ??ll get out English and Statistics hopefully,â?? says Williams, because â??they'll transfer to the colleges, so I'll have those eight credits taken care of for my freshman year."

      Josh Johnson, a senior at Kingsford High, explains the difficulties of juggling two schedules.

      â??Sometimes there's due dates on the weekends and everything, so I have to continually work on it,â?? says Johnson, â??rather than just when it's school; it's just 5 days a week, where college classes, it's everyday."

      Not only are some of the college courses offered at Kingsford High School easily accessible for the student, they can potentially save up to thousands of dollars a year.

      In the midst of an economy that may make it difficult for some students to afford continuing education, thereâ??s now a program that gives students a head start to make their futures a little brighter.