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      Duck Lake Fire damage on the rise

      The Duck Lake wildfire has destroyed 132 structures in Luce County as of Wednesday afternoon. The DNR is in the process of notifying home and business owners that their property is lost.

      Rainbow Lodge owners, Richard and Kathy Robinson, discovered that their home and motel located off of County Road 423 near Newberry was destroyed in the wildfire.

      "When you saw that fire, the wall of flames, and hear the roar Friday morning at two coming from this direction, you kind of have a pretty good idea that there wasn't a lot that's going to survive," said Richard Robinson.

      Out of the 132 structures burned, 46 of them were homes, making it the third worst fire in Michigan history. The burned structures are on 138 properties that have been assessed.

      "This kind of stuff doesn't happen that often in Michigan. This is a typical western-type fire. The devastation and loss here is tremendous," said Luce County Emergency Manager, Terry Stark.

      Officials say they are making progress with the fire and are hoping weather conditions stay like they were Wednesday--cool, humid, and less windy.

      "The buildings are one thing, but then when you look at the landscape and all the trees and the total devastation, the total change of scenery, that's what's really going to be the long-lasting thing," Robinson added.

      Governor Snyder and U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow will be in Newberry Thursday for a first-hand look at the damage.