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      Duck Lake Fire over 60 percent contained

      Twenty-one-thousand-four-hundred-fifty-eight (21,458) acres have now been burned by the Duck Lake wildfire that was started by a lightning strike May 23.

      The fire devastated Luce County but is now 63 percent contained, say DNR officials.

      U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow and Governor Rick Snyder got a tour of the fire on Thursday. They met with officials and residents who've been affected.

      Bryan Motto of Daggett says the fire burned his harvester and forwarder that were used in his family business.

      â??It's kind of a waiting game to see what the insurance is going to do and what they're going to give us for them,â?? says Motto. â??We have to try to get back on our feet as soon as possible so we can get some income coming in."

      What can the federal government do to help homeowners?

      Stabenow says FEMA can give fire grants. They'll be used to offset losses for people.

      â??I'll get on the phone with them tomorrow,â?? says Stabenow. â??By working with the state, we want to make a case that we have serious losses. And certainly for anyone who has lost their business or their home, it's a 100 percent loss."

      Governor Snyder shared optimistic words with the weary crew.

      â??People really rally,â?? explains Snyder. â??That's one of the things we want to do. We want to say thank you to people throughout Michigan who are rallying to come help one another. We actually had good support from other states--Wisconsin and Minnesota helped--so it shows how people can work together."

      The incident commander of the fire says Tuesdayâ??s rain dampened the fire out, but it's not over yet. Crews are currently cutting dead trees from the area by Pike Lake. There's still a lot of active fire burning, and without rain, the fire could spread.

      The incident commander says heâ??s hoping they'll have the fire contained within the next two weeks.