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      Dump the Pump, Use public transportation

      Today is national Dump the Pump Day.

      What does it mean? Well, just as it sounds.

      On June 19th people are encouraged to hang up their car keys and use public transportation for their daily commute.

      One local public transportation system, Marq-Tran, has nine fixed routes servicing all of Marquette County, plus six door-to-door buses which pick people up at their homes.

      Marq-Tran is easily accessible and convenient for all ages and abilities.

      The service is also rider-friendly for first time public transportation users.

      "If you're unsure of where you're going, you can ask the driver or you can call our dispatch" says Marq-Tran Executive Director, Delynn Klein.

      Klein adds, "Our dispatch will be happy to give you instructions on where to pick up a bus and how to and the fair if you know exactly where you're going to and from."

      The dispatch number is 906-225-1112.

      All routes end at 7:30 p.m. each day.