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      DWI: Students learn costs and consequences

      High school freshmen learned the legal consequences and financial cost of driving while impaired. Magistrate Sue Wilson of 96th District Court in Marquette spoke to health classes at Marquette Senior High School, explaining the inner workings of the judicial system. Wilson's presentation included how costly it can be to ignore driving citations. She also reminded students to be careful about what they post on Facebook, especially when it comes to underage drinking. Wilson has been in the classroom over the years, educating students, and unfortunately, some have seen her again.

      "I've seen, I think it's been about three of them where they look at me and say, 'I remember you from Ms. McCutcheon's class.' That's a good thing they remember me, but it's a bad thing they got to the situation they got to because we're trying to educate them before it happens," said Wilson.

      The presentations are part of a weeklong lesson plan aimed at preventing driving while impaired, ahead of prom which is this weekend.