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      Dyeing your hair

      Hair dye is a combination of hair color and peroxide. When color is applied to the hair, the peroxide opens the shafts in the hair, allowing the dye to soak in.

      Cosmetology professor, Deborah Peterson, says that the level of peroxide is what can create the most damage. "Depending on the level of color that you are going with--probably a 10 or 20 volume--the higher up you go, the more damage you are going to have to the hair," said Peterson.

      Constantly dyeing your hair can also cause dryness and breakage. Facebooker Cathy Casey writes, "Dries it out some, but I wouldn't think so. Maybe if you do it all the time."

      After dyeing your hair, you want to make sure you purchase the right color treatment products that will extend the life of your color and also protect your hair from damage, such as using something like a leave-in conditioner.

      Even if you use the right products to treat your hair, applying the color correctly is key. Michelle Hendrickson, a salon owner, says the most common mistake made is doing it yourself with box dyes and not doing it right.

      So what is the right way to color your hair?

      "When you have regrowth from the scalp, you have to be very careful to only apply the color to the regrowth area and let that process generate for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, you need to go back through and apply the color to the ends just to refresh the color," said Hendrickson.