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      Eager customers await new iPhone

      Apple's new iPhone 5C and 5S models were released this morning, and eager customers didn't waste any time getting in line at stores like Best Buy and AT&T in Marquette.

      The 5S features a fingerprint scanner, an upgraded camera and a much faster processor. The 5C, Apple just basically repackaged last year's iPhone 5 components to include new color plastic casings.

      Stores in Marquette opened a couple hours early to prepare for the crowds. Customers waited outside in long lines to get their hands on a new iPhone.

      Best Buy manager, Donnie Palmer, was hopeful that sales of the newest iPhone would be just as successful as previous releases. "The more the merrier, really. Last year we had great success with the launch day, so we're just hoping for the same this year," said Palmer.

      The iPhone 5C and 5S will also be available online, but customer orders are already backed up until October.