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      Eagle Mine and Marquette reach tentative trucking agreement

      The City of Marquette's Transportation sub-Committee and Eagle Mine have reached a tentative agreement regarding the trucking traffic from the mine to the mill through the City of Marquette.

      According to sub-committee member Sara Cambensy, a tentative agreement was reached Wednesday, which provides an interim solution to the trucking issues within the community. The agreement requires approval from the Marquette City Commission. That process will begin with a work session between Eagle Mine and City Commissioners.

      Cambensy says full details of the agreement will be discussed at the work session and finalized during a full commission meeting in April.

      The sub-committee says the final agreement will provide an opportunity for Eagle Mine and Marquette to identify safety improvements and maintenance needs within the trucking corridor. The sub-committee has also agreed to introduce a trucking ordinance that will provide a north/south and west/east trucking route within the City of Marquette.

      Cambensy added that the agreement will also allow the city and mine to focus on identifying alternative transportation options that could eventually be used for trucking interests.