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      Eagle Mine begins test runs to the Humboldt Mill

      Wednesday was a day of celebration at Eagle Mine. For the first time, trucks made their way from the mine to the Humboldt Mill.

      "Right now it's just going to be a few trucks a day. We'll be ramping up over the course of the summer into the fall, but again, we're just practicing right now, getting all of our systems and processes in line," said Dan Blondeau, Senior Advisor of Communications and Media at Eagle Mine.

      The keyword is practice. Eagle Mine is not in operation yet. While construction is complete at the mine, construction is not complete at the mill. Bear in mind, the trucks making their way out to the mill are carrying rock that will be used for testing, not ore.

      "For the rest of the summer at the mill, we have a few weeks of construction left, we'll then be running rock through all of our crushing and grinding to make sure everything is in check," said Blondeau.

      The trucks that will be driving between the mine and the mill are contracted by M.J. Van Damme. You might just see one of these trucks soon.

      The trucks will take County Road 550 down to Marquette and work their way to U.S. 41 via Wright St. Once they reach U.S. 41 they'll take that all the way to the mill.

      â??Safety is always key for us, all of these trucks are new, the drivers are trained, they have vehicle monitoring systems on them as well, so the safety of our employees and the community as we're hauling is number one," said Blondeau.

      The mine is expected to start operations later this fall. Until then, testing will continue which means these trucks will become the newest part of the scenery around Marquette.