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      Eagle Mine ownership changes hands, construction ramps up

      The Eagle Mine in northern Marquette County officially has a new owner, and at 12:01 Thursday morning, the nickel and copper mine officially became a subsidiary of the Lundin Mining Corporation.

      The price of Lundin's acquisition was $315 million, and Lundin says construction on the mine and Humboldt Mill site is over 50 percent complete. The company says they'll be ramping up construction at both facilities.

      "At the mill right now, we have earth work, concrete installation and steelwork being completed," said Eagle Mine Spokesperson Dan Blondeau. "At the mine, we're wrapping up some of the surface facilities that were remaining to be built. So both projects are seeing a lot of activity and will throughout the remainder of the year."

      Approximately 100 construction personnel are now on site, with a peak of approximately 350 construction personnel expected later this year. Right now, the Eagle Mine has approximately 70 people on its staff, and recruiting is underway to increase that number to approximately 220 staff by the second half of next year.

      They'll be looking to fill several positions, including operators for the mill, millwrights and engineers.