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      Eagle Mine permit discussed at public meeting

      Under ground at Eagle Mine

      A public hearing was held Tuesday night for a groundwater discharge permit for the Eagle Mine in Marquette County.

      During the meeting citizens were given a chance to make their concerns heard. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality held the hearing at Westwood High School and the public had plenty of questions for the agency.

      The accuracy of scientific testing, water contamination and enforcement of the permit were some of the topics brought up.

      "The Department of Environmental Quality is in the process of considering the reissuance of the Eagle Mine groundwater discharge permit, this permit follows the requirements of part 22 groundwater discharge permit rules, it's protective of the environment to those standards," said Steve Casey of the Michigan DEQ.

      The DEQ will continue to accept public comments and concerns through April 1 for the permit. There is no set time as to when the DEQ will announce if the permit is granted.

      Mine production is expected to start late this year or early next year.