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      Eagle River celebrates new museum

      After twelve years of work, everyone gathered in song, celebrating the opening of the Eagle River Historical Museum. It's located at the school house built in 1912.

      The project was made possible by Houghton Township, Keweenaw Historical Society, and the community as a way to share the history of the area.

      "Realizing the importance that Eagle River played in the development in the Keweenaw; the importance that it played in the development of copper up here. This was the first copper mine that was successful. It showed that money could be made here in the Copper Country," said Melvin Jones, Museum Board Member.

      On the second floor you will find six different display panels, all with historical pictures. Stored in display cases you will find information on how Eagle River began in 1843, the Cliff mine, the town of Clifton, and life during that time.

      Most of the information, historical pictures, and even artifacts were donated from the community.

      "We were able to put these in the exhibit: the ball and chain that used to be used in the jail here in town, the handcuffs the sheriff had to keep the prisoners in line. It's these types of things that's helped us so much to develop the exhibits," said Dr. Phil Mason, Display Coordinator.

      Some restoring was made to the church to be able to house the museum.

      It's an ongoing exhibit. Every year they plan to add more items to the displays. The museum will be open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in the afternoon.