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      Early morning crash sends one to hospital

      More information has come out on the early morning crash in Marquette which caused a delay in traffic.

      At 7:30 a.m. Marquette City Police responded to a two car collision at the intersection of Washington and McClellan.

      A northbound vehicle was struck by the passenger in a silver Equinox after the driver ran a red light while heading west.

      Initially the accident was reported as a personal injury.

      Marquette General EMS were on site to assist the driver in the silver Equinox, but no major injuries have since been reported.

      The westbound vehicle is found to be at fault in the matter.

      Marquette City Police, Marquette City Fire Department and Marquette General were all on the scene.


      At least one person has been injured in a two vehicle crash in Marquette Thursday morning.

      It happened at the intersection of Washington and McClellan just after 7:00 a.m. Crews quickly cleared the accident scene and streets were closed for less than an hour.

      Marquette City Police and Marquette City Fire department crew responded.

      Upper Michigan's Source will have further details as they are made available.