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      Early New Year's Eve for some local kids

      Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette started celebrating New Year's Eve a little early Sunday night with their 18th annual "Almost New Year's Eve Lock In". About 45 kids are participating this year. It's an opportunity for kids in grades 6 to 12 to have fun all night in a safe and friendly environment. Admission was $10 or $5 with proof that they had attended church recently. The church provides a number of games and activities with the help of some volunteer chaperones. The kids had free roam of almost the entire church.

      "We just have a nice, safe, fun time. We just have fun. It's just kids being kids, and I think we could all use more of that," said Messiah's Youth and Family Director, Mike Davis.

      The lock in was held from 8 p.m. Sunday to 8 a.m. Monday.