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      Early start for ski resorts

      It's the time of year winter sport enthusiasts wait for all year long: opening weekend for many ski resorts across Upper Michigan.

      "I wasn't here to make the first day yesterday, but I'm sure happy to be here today," said one skier.

      This time last year, that wasn't the case. Late snow falls caused many resorts, including Indianhead Mountain, to open later and pump out more manmade snow than usual.

      "We want to make sure there's five, six, seven feet of snow," said Dave Nyquist, Indianheadâ??s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

      The resort says they didn't suffer a big blow with loss of profit, but those loving the slopes certainly did take a hit. Jack Sarama has been the first one on Indianhead's slopes for the past three years and was happy to hear this year was opening sooner rather than later.

      "I've been waiting about seven months," admitted Sarama. "Pretty happy to be out over Thanksgiving break."

      It's safe to say the hundreds that hit the slopes opening weekend, along with Sarama, feel the same.