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      Easter baked goods at Roy's Pasties and Bakery

      Today is Good Friday, and the start of the Easter holiday weekend.

      It's also the end of the Lent season for many people.

      For the past six weeks, those who have sacrificed for Lent may have stayed away from the pastries and bakeries.

      Many people plan to celebrate the holiday weekend with some delicious baked goods at their dinner table.

      This will be a busy time for Roy's Pasties and Bakery in Houghton and they say they're prepared for the return of customers who've been absent in observance of Lent.

      We tend to put out potato bread on the rack in both the bread loaf and the roll form. For people to use on their Easter table. We also have Saffron Bread for sale because it's Good Friday.

      Roy's will also have Hot Cross bread available this weekend.