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      Eastern Upper Peninsula still coated in snow

      Snow covered roads finally plowed in the northeastern Upper Peninsula

      Snow still coats much of the northeastern Upper Peninsula, and Thursday's snow added to the forests of northern Luce County.

      Some seasonal roads like Luce County Road 414 were plowed only three days ago. The roads are now clear all the way up to the Two Hearted River and the lakeshore.

      This is happening much later than last year, but Keith Magnusson of the Department of Natural Resources in Newberry says this is not abnormal.

      "We've had years in the past where you can't get up here until May," said Magnusson. "There are old timers that tell stories that they rode snowmobiles up here the fist week of June, so it's not unusual. We're in the U.P."

      Magnusson says that some work is still needed to make sure all trails and campgrounds are accessible, both from snow and damage from the Duck Lake wildfire.