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      Eating right on a budget

      Grocery shopping is quite an adventure. It can be frustrating enough to find what you are looking for, let alone finding food that is both healthy and cheap.

      "I just buy what I need for the week," said shopper Marilyn Steen.

      Thanks to dietitian Monica Nelson, we were able to come up with a few tips to help you the next time you go shopping.

      The first thing to do is to come up with a plan BEFORE you shop. Look for items on sale, but be aware that items, such as chopped lettuce, can be more expensive and spoil quicker than lettuce you chop yourself.

      "Fresh veggies and fruit are pricey up here compared to anywhere else,â?? said Jamie Arbelius. â??They also mold quickly r/t (related to) long shipping time to get here. I chop up my fruit before it molds, freeze it, then make smoothies with almond milk and local honey with them."

      Jamie's on the right track.

      "Buying frozen is a really great option to kind of just enhance your family's meal and give that nutrition pop," said Nelson. Frozen fruits and vegetables are frozen at the peak of their freshness, so you don't have to worry about them going bad.

      It's important to have a protein source in addition to eating fruits and vegetables. Most people go for light meat because they assume it is healthier, but dark meat is cheaper and not so different from a nutritious standpoint.

      Finally, spice up your food. Spices can turn bland oatmeal into a delicious breakfast and then some.

      "They can pack a huge nutrient punch, full with tons of antioxidants for relatively little money," Nelson said.

      If you are looking for a healthy food on Super Bowl Sunday, try to get the most out of your junk food.