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      Eclettico to perform in Harris

      For the last four years, local string group Eclettico has played in a number of venues in the U.P. Now they will be at the Island Resort and Casino in Harris.

      They started off as a small string quartet four years ago and now are a pop rock orchestra. Eclettico is not your classical string group.

      "We really have so much fun playing all kinds of music, and we want to share that with as many people as possible. So, we can have a wider range of audience members and members in the ensemble," said Alexis Mahler, group member.

      They play a variety of music styles including classical, mainstream, Indie, rock, pop, even rap, to name a few. Members hope through their concerts people will have a greater appreciation for what can be played on string instruments.

      The group will be playing 20 tunes at the Island Resort and Casino in Harris, Saturday at 7 p.m.

      "More modern arrangements by Lorde and from the movie Wants. And we are playing a medley of TV theme songs that have different string parts in them and stuff," Mahler said.

      Tickets are $5. Money raised will go to outreach projects they host at local schools.

      For more information on the band, click here.