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      Econo Foods matching pound for pound Saturday

      Econo Foods stores in the Upper Peninsula are helping with the TV6 Canathon.

      On Saturday, November 30, Econo will match donations at their stores, pound for pound.

      Over the years Econo Foods has contributed thousands of pounds to the Canathon. Management at the Marquette store said they are proud to participate.

      "I really believe that old saying, 'What goes around, comes around,' and if we're in a position to help people, we like to, and our customers take great care of us, so anytime we can help them out, we always try to," said Zach Quinnell, store manager.

      Econo Foods stores will be accepting matching donations all day Saturday.

      The 2013 TV6 Canathon wraps up December 5, and all food stays within the community it was collected.