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      Economic Club talks health care

      Changes in health care and its impact on business was the focus Monday at the Economic Club of Marquette County's meeting. The Keynote Speaker, Janet Olszewski, served as the director for the Michigan Department of Community Health and is currently working for Health Management Associates in Lansing. She spoke about the Affordable Care Act and how it looks going forward. Olszewski says as a state, where we're at is better than where we were.

      "Personally, I hope the future of this looks good because I think going back to where we were before is not an option continuing to have at least 1.2 million uninsured in this state, and having more everyday is not a good place to be," said Olszewski. "Yes, there are things that are going to be tweaked and changed as we move forward with implementation, but it's still a very good platform to begin from."

      Olszewski also spoke about Governor Rick Snyder's Healthy Michigan plan, expanding Medicaid to about 400,000 eligible Michiganders.