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      Ecosystem gets a boost with planting of 10,000 trees

      On Saturday, The Cedar Tree Institute launched The Manitou Project: a planting of 10,000 trees across the Upper Peninsula.

      It's a collaborative effort to plant Northern White Cedar Trees in a period of three weeks. A special ceremony was held Saturday morning at the Moosewood Nature Center. The cedar is considered a medicinal tree among Native A mericans.

      Saturday was one of three seedling distribution days.

      "All these trees that are replanted are commercially viable, and the White Cedar is not one of those. The White Cedar takes a long time to grow, isn't commercially viable, and just helps reintroduce the ecosystem the way it was originally meant to be," said volunteer Don Miller.

      The 10,000th tree will be planted on July 7 at the Presque Isle Pavillion.