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      Ed McBroom keeps in touch with his constituents

      Dickinson County residents had a chance to talk with their state representative Monday. Ed McBroom of the 108th District stopped by the library to answer any questions people had.

      The casual meeting included a question and answer time where Representative McBroom was able to clarify state and local issues. Some of the issues brought up included drug and tobacco use, programs to help the homeless, and gasoline taxes. McBroom says even though his schedule is tight, meeting people is a top priority.

      "I try to meet with folks every month, and I have three different counties, so it's kind of on a rotating basis. It's something I really believe is probably the most important part of my job when I'm not in Lansing and I'm here, just to be out, available for people to see and talk to at all times," said McBroom of his meeting.

      The meeting lasted about an hour.